Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Be aware and Spread awareness!

Being aware and responsible is in our hands - isn't it ?

If we take precautions like - 

  • Keep our confidants informed about your whereabouts
  • Be aware - at least some information about the place where we are or visiting
  • Don't be a recluse, let people / near and dear ones know that there is something wrong
  • Hiding things never help
  • Tolerate to a limit and be smart in raising an alarm.

We are happy that we have created a product - An App which can be a real whistle blower, a friend that can raise an alert when in trouble or a distress signal.

- Nirbhaya Be fearless - women safety and security app.. 
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Please continue the awakening and the support.

Friday, 7 February 2014

its sad to hear everyday the same story with more pain every time

I was listening to news which was covering a rape story, (a story where a partially paralyzed girl was raped repetitively by the same gang and this time she opened her mouth in-spite of the warning that they will make the recording of the heinous act public.) . I just happened to switch a channel and what i see there was horrifying, a grown up adult girl saying both victim and accused are at mistake or guilty in Rape...

I didn't know how to react, my jaw dropped and i lost it... 

Every time we see these stories and hear the news,  read out there or may be remember them, invokes pain, invokes tension, stress, etc....

it is interesting to see that there are groups who are contributing in their own little way and there are people who are just plain watchers. Watchers get up and help those who need help.. People in need remember God helps those who help themselves...

So this is for the world of people who are struggling to know about a solution that can help them when they are not able to reach anyone, with just one call to help at that time.. go ahead help yourself, your family friends and others to be safe.

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